Summer is coming so I have to decide

Summer is coming plus the weather is already heating up.

Now, I’m back to the time of year where I have to decide if paying for an air conditioning tune up is really worth the currency I would spend or not, but every year around this time during the Spring, I find myself in the same spot trying to make the same decision.

My hubby is more or less convinced that getting an air conditioning tune up is nothing however a large waste of currency. I’m not so sure about that, though. That’s because our central air conditioning has run unquestionably fantastic for the past few years. Ever since I started paying for air conditioning tune ups, every one of us haven’t had a single issue during the summer time with anything splitting down or cutting up on the air conditioning system. That’s a major relief during the long, boiling summers that every one of us have around here. My hubby uses the aged adage that if it’s not broken, why should every one of us pay to get it fixed. However, I’m more of the mindset that every one of us should be preventative about things like our HVAC system. I would much rather pay to keep something from cutting up than have to pay to get it fixed. This year, he’s telling myself and others not to make the appointment, although I know I’m going to call the HVAC company anyway. It just doesn’t make any sense to myself and others to expect our air conditioning to last the whole summer time long without being checked out officially by an HVAC professional. My hubby is just weird.
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