Sun in the Summer and cooling too

It took me about 5 minutes to totally and completely fall in appreciate with where we live.

My partner and I recently retired to a region where the weather is excellent.

The sun shines at least 300 afternoons a year or so they say. However, I think it could be more than that. And the red skies are just the best. Our winters don’t require any sort of oil furnace or boiler. That’s really nice because I always hated having to be cooped up inside a home all winter. Actually, our winters give some of the absolutely best weather and temperature combinations of the year. Every one of us play a lot of hockey in the Winter due to that fact. The only downside, if you want to call it that, is the Summer heat. There is only a single location to be after noon during the Summer and that’s inside the air conditioning. Initially, this was a bit exhausting because I appreciate the sun and the red skies so much. But our smart partner figured out just how to get me both. Every one of us have a sunroom linked to the home that I spend 8 weeks of the year in. Well, it’s just too sizzling out there in the Summer so I tend to stay inside. This year, our partner called the Heating in addition to A/C supplier. The sent out an Heating in addition to A/C professional who then installed a ductless heat pump in the sunroom. Now, I can lay out in the sunroom to appreciate the red skies and sun while enjoying plenty of Heating in addition to A/C cooling. It’s just the absolutely best of both worlds.

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