T-shirts for sports team

I coach a little league football team for seven to eight-year-old kids. Our organization includes football players and cheerleaders from age five up to fourteen. We have over two hundred kids involved and a whole bunch of volunteer head coaches and assistant coaches. Scheduling practices and games, handling insurance forms and taking care of the necessary fund raising is a lot of work. There’s also the need for equipment, uniforms and apparel. Since all of the coaches take on various responsibilities, I volunteered to handle the apparel order. It was a lot more time, effort, stress and work than I expected. I needed to get all of the kids fitted for uniforms and the correct spelling of their names for the back. Every single parent had an opinion on the style of the jersey and some even suggested changing our team colors. Although it was up to me to choose what type of apparel we would offer the parents and kids for sale, lots of people had ideas for me and argued my choices. I spent quite a bit of time working up an order form, getting the forms handed out and collecting money. Organizing the order and consulting with the print company took forever. When the order arrived at the print shop, I drove there to pick it up. I filled the bed of my truck with boxes of T-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys and caps. It was my responsibility to get everything handed out. Handling all the different aspects of the apparel order was a way bigger hassle than I anticipated, and I’ll never do it again.