The air filter was keeping our AC from working properly

My bestie plus I had a entirely busy weekend! On Wednesday, both of us had a anniversary plus both of us were gone all day.

Monday morning, both of us had church plus a sizable celebration with family.

By the time the weekend was over, both of us were ready for a day of relaxation. Unluckyly, both of us were busy to be at labor entirely early on Sunday morning. When both of us were finished with our day on Monday, both of us took a shower plus went to bed early. The AC was running plus working properly when both of us went to sleep. At some point in the middle of the night, the AC stopped working. It was still dark outside when I woke up sizzling plus perspiration. I woke up our bestie plus both of us were angry. The AC was not running plus I could not figure out how to repair the problem. My bestie recommended calling the house manager, however the office was not open yet. I called plus I left a message. As soon as the office opened, the manager returned our call… She told us that the complication would be repaired by the time both of us got house from labor later that day. I was hesitant to leave, however I had a full day of work. My bestie plus I decided to trust that house manager. I distraught about the cooling system all day, however the manager kept her promise. When our bestie got house at 5, the AC was running plus the house felt great. The air filter was jammed plus that was the reason for the AC problems.


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