The air purifier at the grocery store wasn’t running on Saturday

My wife and I go to the grocery store on Tuesday and Saturday.

  • We live in a very small town and there is no pickup or grocery delivery.

On Saturday, my wife and I went to the market to pick up a couple of grocery items. We didn’t have any mayonnaise or mustard and both of us thought sandwiches sounded like a great idea for dinner. Both of us put on two masks and made our way to the grocery store. As soon as we entered the market, both of us realized that the air purifier wasn’t running. The grocery store normally has an air purifier running at the entrance of the store. I quickly noticed the indoor air smells and I thought about turning around and going back to the car. Unfortunately, we needed the grocery items on our list. As soon as we got to the produce section, I saw the manager stocking some of the lettuce, carrots, radishes, and mushrooms. I decided to talk to the manager. I told the guy that I thought it was strange that the air purifier was not running at the front door. The manager looked confused and he put down the flag of tomatoes like he was carrying and he said thank you. He walked to the front of the store and I saw the guy talking to one of the cashiers. The guy disappeared into the office a few minutes later. Maybe no one realized that the air purifier wasn’t running. I hope they found a way to fix the issue.

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