The art of my craft

I love painting portraits in my spare time.

And for this I have a special room in my current home for doing this… I hope to someday be able to sell these at some art gallery.

But for now, it is just the passion, art and love of it all, then when I am painting I need to have the most perfect indoor comfort. And when I talk about indoor comfort, I am talking about the temperature of the room. Without the perfect temperature I just can not paint very well or be creative, and so this is why I purchased both a portable air conditioning idea and a portable space gas furnace to achieve the best indoor comfort and the most perfect temperatures. In the Summer time weeks of the year, I am always running the portable air conditioning idea on low while the air vents from the central air conditioning idea do their best to blow cool air into the room, but then in the Winter time it is the same exact thing, however in reverse. I use the portable space gas furnace on low and have the central heating idea pumping through the air vents while the portable space gas furnace on low evens out the temperatures making it the perfect warmth in the room. I don’t believe what I would do without my portable air conditioning idea and my portable space heater. If they had not invented this stroke of genius in Heating in addition to A/C technology I do not believe I would even be able to paint in this current home because of how the air vents will not distribute central heating and A/C to this a single room.