The chiller rental actually made the movie premiere a massive success

Opening night of the movie premiere truly needed to be perfect and I was in charge of setting up everything.

It was my first solo party and I wanted every detail to be flawless… The movie premiere was an indy film about a boy that can control the snow and the wind. I had the desire to incorporate ice into the party theme, but keeping a large section like that cool enough for ice was a tough thing to accomplish! My boss made an attempt to talk me out of the plan, however I realized I could pull it off with the necessary equipment. In order to keep the entire event nice and cold, the people I was with and I rented some commercial chillers. The commercial chillers were brought to the place by semi truck. They were set up to pull out the heat from inside the building. My boss did not really know for certain if the commercial chillers would work, but they did. I also rented an ice machine from the same rental corporation. They deliver all the materials to create the snow, the ice machine, and the commercial chillers. The bill was incredibly sizable, but the party was a marvelous success. The producer of the film was so impressed by our theme and attention to detail that he hired us to work on the next 3 films. They will be released over the next few months… Each movie presents unique party planning challenges. One film is set in the far future. The entire party will be in nothing but darkness. The second movie takes place in the sun. The very last movie is a biopic documentary that is basically about an italian boy growing up in 1915 Siberia, Russia.
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