The cooling system at our dad’s apartment is way too loud

I think that there must be something wrong with the central cooling system system at our dad’s house.

The last time I was over there to visit him and take him breakfast, I could barely even hear a word she was saying because of the roar that was coming from the central a/c system in her house.

The two of us were sitting there at the study room table, eating our spaghetti and meatballs and having a nice discussion about the cars that both of us have been working on together when the a/c kicked on and started making a bad sound. The cooling system was coming out of the air vents and cooling the apartment down just fine, but the fan itself was so loud that it was unreal. My dad just kept on eating her breakfast and talking love she didn’t even hear it! I think she was just used to it or something. Maybe her hearing loss is worse now than I thought it was. I knew it was getting worse, however I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten, honestly. I could barely hear a single word that she said whenever the cooling system was running. My dad kept looking at myself and others love there was something wrong with myself and others when I kept asking him to repeat what she said. I think she just couldn’t hear the roaring because it was at the wrong decibel or something; She can’t hear much of anything these days anyway, but maybe that’s a blessing in disguise when it comes to her super loud a/c system!

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