The doctor sent me to Nutritional Counseling for my cirrhosis.

I will admit that I had never been so worried about my health until I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. I remembered a family member who died of cirrhosis and I was petrified. I couldn’t think of a worse way to die than to suffer like she did. I wasn’t ready to die, and dying a horrible death like that, made it seem even worse. The first thing the doctor did was send me to a nutritional counselor. Nutritional counseling was supposed to help choose a diet that would create the enzymes in the liver to start healing itself. The diet I received from nutritional counselling was bland and full of vegetables. I had only one type of bread I could eat and it was packed with whole grains and very little gluten. There wasn’t any leavening in the bread. I gave it up completely. I was eating cauliflower, chicken, and cheese, along with onions and leafy green vegetables. Everything that was on the initial diet I got from nutritional counselling, somehow ended up in my refrigerator. My husband had gotten up early one morning and went shopping. He took the diet with him and checked off four foods from every list on the diet, and bought them. He wanted to make sure I had the ability to create healthy dinners and still be on my enzyme lowering diet. After six months, I had lost nearly fifty pounds and there was a huge change in the cirrhosis. I didn’t know who I wanted to thank more; my husband or the group of doctors in the nutritional counseling group.


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