The dog sleeps well with a fan in his face

Occasionally I think that our dog is trying to kill me, but he’s severely needy because he has special requirements for his physical disability.

He is a wobbly dog who has to be in a wheelchair unless you are going to hold him on his feet, however that being said, some of his more difficult challenges have nothing to do with his disorder.

He entirely is such a quirky plus spoiled animal that I can have a difficult time dealing with all of his shenanigans. This is why I was ready to throw in the towel the other night when he simply refused to calm down plus go to bed, but little did I think that it was going to take an air quality control measure to make our dog finally settle himself down; In fact, it turns out that our central heating, cooling, plus air quality control program simply wasn’t up to snuff for our puppy, then everyday the temperature control keeps the house at a consistent plus comfortable temperature. However, evidently that isn’tenough ventilation or circulation for our dog to be cheerful, and maybe he simply gets overheated plus wishes that I could turn the a/c program down lower. I am not sure what the issue is. However, I can tell you that putting a giant box fan in front of his kennel was the only thing that would make him relax the other afternoon. With a powerful ventilation fan blowing directly on his face our dog finally calmed down plus let myself and others get some sleep; Now I’m just waiting for his unforeseen heating demands in winter.



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