The freezing storage freezer was 41 degrees that morning

As soon as I got to toil last Sunday, I instantly called my boss & the director of the restaurant where I currently work, but i regularly start my morning by pulling all of the fruit & vegetables out of the freezing storage freezer; When I opened the door, I knew something was wrong.

I looked at the temperature on the temperature control by the door & it was only reading 41 degrees; The freezing storage fridge is supposed to be 33 degrees at all times.

I alerted my boss of the complication & she told me to call a local Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier that services boilers & chillers.I called the supplier & I tried to explain the complication with the freezing storage freezer. The guy on the PC wanted more information than I could supply & I was starting to get confused & frustrated. I called my boss again & I told her that the guy from the Heating, Ventilation & A/C repair maintenance wanted to talk directly to her. It was a small lie, but I entirely didn’t want to deal with the Heating, Ventilation & A/C repair maintenance & all of my prep duties at the same time, however about an eighth after I arrived at work, my boss showed up as well, then she didn’t look very glad about coming to toil early, but she had to be particular that the freezing storage freezer was fixed before the two of us opened for lunch service. The repair took most of the morning. The people I was with and I had to change our lunch specials so the two of us could cook some items that would have spoiled.

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