The gas furnace ran all the time because the window was open

I prefer getting out of neighborhood to go to the country for a couple of afternoons.

I prefer the smell of the country air.

The flowers & the lawn regularly remind me of clean linen. I try to go to the country a few times during the summer time when the outdoor air is fresh, clean, & warm, then last summer time near the end of the season, I decided to go to the country for a few weeks. I was working on a current book & I thought the country atmosphere would help clear my head. I was having trouble coming up with an ending for my book & I didn’t think if I was going to meet my last due date. I had a million things on my mind & I hoped going to the country would help. I rented a small cottage by the lake. The lake water was freezing, but I still went for a swim every morning. I believe it was a nice way to clear my head & get ready for the morning. After my swim, I went to the cottage to take a shower. I didn’t love the water pressure in the cottage. The first time I went to the cottage to take a shower, I noticed something very strange. There is a radiant gas furnace on the wall in the shower, but one of the windows is cracked open. There is a 2-inch crack in the window & it is located right next to the radiant heater. It is no wonder that the radiant gas furnace ran all morning & all night.



Dual fuel system