The gift of radiant floors

I certainly love radiant floors, and until you have walked on boiling radiant floors on a freezing Winter afternoon, you haven’t lived.

I decided to purchase radiant floors last year after having a particularly disappointing winter.

Don’t get me wrong, it is normally freezing here and I do love in a freezing weather conditions however this was disappointing even for here. There was always frost on the windows and the air even indoors with the furnace running had a bite to it. It wasn’t a pleasant experience and I had decided that I wanted to get something more than my average oil furnace. While my oil furnace does do its job of heating the house, it is not as nice as Central heating and every one of us all need to be in the same room to stay warm. The further you are away from the boiling room the colder it gets to the point where if you are on the opposite side of the house you might as well be outside. Which is why I decided to not only get a central furnace installed by the local HVAC supplier but I also get radiant floors. It wasn’t cheap however now every one of us are no longer freezing, but now I can actually like all that the radiant floors have to offer, now everytime I want to just take a afternoon to sit back and relax, I don’t have to worry about the floor being ice freezing underneath me. Now more rushing to find my slippers or socks, I can walk in my bare feet if I chose to do so. It allows me a new kind of freedom that I didn’t know I was missing out on.


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