The gym has an excellent sauna

I feel bad for my wife sometimes, because she has to work so hard for even the smallest gains.

I put in zero effort, and of course get zero results, but I am okay with that.

I am a little bit overweight (well maybe a little more than a little lol) but am comfortable with myself. I have always been a little heavy, and I always will be. I stay active, I eat moderately more often than not, and I am just okay with being who I am. My wife has to work hard just to maintain where she is and not put on weight, so she exercises quite a bit. I never go to the gym, and have only even been twice as a guest on her membership plan. She likes yoga classes, but has tried out several other kind of workout classes, as well as swimming in the pool. The two times I went to the gym with her were for the same reason — the sauna. Both times I was stuffed up, getting sick, and she took me in to sit in the hot, wet sauna the gym had. Both times it was amazing, and I started getting better right after a trip to the sauna, but neither time was I tempted to start working out. If my wife ever tells me I’m too fat, and I need to start hitting the gym to keep getting laid, then I would do it. Barring that I would prefer to not exercise, and just use the gy for the sauna once or twice a year.
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