The hospital room is more comfortable than my apartment.

I was honestly happy to finally buy the car of my dreams, it was a purple and white car with racing stripes and a carbon fiber hood.

I worked all Summer at the pizza shop so I could buy the car with my own money. It was the first time I ever had my name on a title of ownership. I was honestly proud and I kept the car clean and washed. I didn’t eat or drink in the car and I didn’t let any of my friends smoke cigarettes or weed. I wanted my baby to stay as clean and neat as the day I purchased her. I drove my car all over the valley until last week, when I was in an accident. I was on a country road with lots of curves and turns. I came around a single of those turns and someone else was in my lane, however the people I was with and I collided with bad impact and both of our cars were demolished and totaled. I went right to the hospital in a helicopter. I am still in the hospital waiting for another surgery on my knee and leg. I don’t mind since the food is pretty good. The indoor air pollen levels is better than my beach house too. The A/C works better and I can chance any temperature I want. There is a control machine right on the rail of my bed. I have total control over the indoor temperatures and the heat and AC. I’m glad to stay here with the comfortable indoor temperatures and tasty hospital food.

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