The hotel staff members were rude and discourteous

When my wife and I got married, we went out of the country for a whole week. Neither one of us ever left the country, but we packed our bags and boarded the plane for the first time in our lives. We flew 3,100 miles and it took almost 8 hours. We arrived at a small desert island location and checked into our hotel after a brief ride in a taxi cab. My wife and I picked a place with English-speaking people, so it would not be difficult to communicate. When we checked into the hotel, the woman behind the desk was rude and discourteous. She acted like my wife and I were trash because we came from America. Our room was supposed to have a view of the ocean, but we only had a few of the parking lot. I made the front desk staff member move our room three different times until I was satisfied. We also had problems with the air conditioner in our room. It only ran half the time. Sometimes the air conditioner would run and run until the room felt like an ice cube, and sometimes the air conditioner didn’t turn on at all during the day. It was extremely difficult to remain comfortable inside the room and my wife and I did not sleep very well. Both of us had a fun time on our honeymoon, but we were each happy to return home after that week away. We won’t likely return to that location to celebrate our anniversary or any other holiday in the future.



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