The house repair team did not repair the problem

My bestie plus I woke up with sweat plus perspiration all over our head plus neck. Neither a single of us felt the cool air coming out of the air vents. I got out of bed plus I instantly went to check the control unit. It was clear that the cooling system was not working properly, so I contacted the house manager. I knew she could help with the issue. I left 3 messages before someone contacted myself and others back. My bestie plus I had to go to work, however the house manager assured both of us that the cooling system complication would be fixed before both of us got house from labor later that morning. Both of us thought that would be the end of the issue, however when you came house from work. There was a note on our door to contact the manager. My bestie was the first person to arrive house plus she instantly called the manager for more information. Every one of us found out that the cooling system needed a section that they did not have in stock. The repair supervisor ordered the cooling system section plus it was going to arrive the next day. The manager told us that our cooling system was first priority in the morning. My bestie plus I thought about going to a hotel for the night, however both of us decided to stay home. Every one of us turned on all of the ceiling fans in the house plus both of us used 2 fans in our family room. Every one of us were entirely thankful that the cooling system was repaired the next day as promised.
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