The importance of social media management

More and more people online seem to be fighting about trivia from the past.

My whole timeline is filled with back-and-forth debates from young people who talk about how much worse things used to be and older folks who talk about how much better things used to be.

It’s all a matter of perspective, I know that of course, but what bothers me the most is that there is no point to any of it. Why bicker over something that happened 30 years ago? What good could possibly come from this argument? Or am I a dummy for not understanding that social media is just a place where people like to argue? On social media it isn’t about winning or losing an argument, it’s just about having an argument. Thankfully I have a social media management company that does an excellent job of keeping most of the weirdos off of my pages. I don’t have the patience to handle trolls, so I’m glad I have Glenda, who is my personal social media management representative, and handles the trolls for me. This keeps me from shooting my mouth off and saying something that will impact my brand, when we just want the focus to be on the SEO. Since the search engines factor in social media visibility for their rankings, having active accounts help to boost your SEO. Better social media performance equals better SEO which translates to more traffic and more conversions. Personally I hate social media, so I recommend social media management for all other businesses owners, to save on stress!

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