The indoor temperatures were better with the window open

My wife wanted to take a cruise for a long time, but I was afraid to go out on the water.

For our twenty year anniversary, I surprised my wife with tickets for a fourteen day cruise around the caribbean.

She was shocked and so happy. She cried for an hour and then we looked at all of our destinations and activities. We didn’t want to miss anything during those two weeks, so we saved all of our pennies until the day before we left for the islands. I bought a few new bathing trunks and a couple of shorts. My wife picked out some smashing bikinis in red, white, black, and blue. We stood in line for three hours waiting to board the cruise ship. Nobody warned us to wear sunscreen. I got burnt just waiting to board the ship. When my wife and I got to our room, it was definitely smaller than we expected. The HVAC unit wasn’t on either, so it was warm and smelled like salt. I turned on the AC and adjusted the thermostat to 68 degrees. We went upstairs to check out some of the ship amenities. When we came back to the room, it was still warm. The AC was running, but the room was still humid. I put my hand up to the ductwork and it was ice cold. We continued to wait until the room got cool. We had to wait eight hours before the room got to our desired temperature. They should have turned on the climate control when we first stood in line at the pier.

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