The new store

There is a new store in town that sells all kinds of different things for a discounted price.

And much to my surprise when I went in there to check it out, I found out that they had portable HVAC equipment as well as air filters for your central heating and air conditioning system unit.

The prices were pretty decent and were much cheaper than buying portable space heaters, portable air conditioning systems and HEPA air filters from either a regular outlet store or a regular HVAC dealership. So while I was in there I decided to buy some HEPA air filters for the lower price. I could not believe how cheap these were! And there was nothing wrong with the HEPA air filters. It is not like they were factory defects or anything. These were the same HEPA air filters that would be found in the regular outlets or general HVAC dealerships. I could not have been more happy with the quality of them. Also, I think this coming summer I am going to go back to this new store and buy a portable air conditioning system as well. Because I have been wanting a portable air conditioning system for my bedroom. At first I was kind of scared to buy a portable air conditioning system from this discount store thinking that there would have had to be something wrong with it. But after buying these HEPA air filters and even some other stuff from this store, I see they just have the low prices because they buy in wholesale unlike the other regular outlets or HVAC dealerships.


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