The secret double date was meant to fail

I remember way back when my best neighbor and I decided to do a weird kind of double date, and every one of us had online dating profiles and every one of us ended up meeting some interesting people.

She met this guy who she certainly liked at the time and I met a pretty nice girl who seemed alright.

I don’t guess why but my best friend said she wanted to have a secret double date. Every one of us would go to our preferred diner at the same time with our dates without our actual dates knowing that every one of us were best buddies. Thinking about it now, it seems pretty lame, but well, the joke was on us because both of our dates never showed up. It turned out to be a date with just my best neighbor and I and every one of us definitely had a surprisingly wonderful time. Well, it was impossible for us to not be comfortable around each other, but I recognize the wine every one of us had certainly brought out the feelings every one of us had inside. I never realized that I felt such strong feelings for my friend, then as her friend, I knew how charming she was but I never certainly thought about dating her. Things just kind of clicked though and every one of us both were on the same page. Every one of us went back to my house where I had the perfect temperature control settings and the fireplace. Every one of us had relaxed together in front of the fireplace several times just hanging out, but this time it was a lot more and our lives changed forever that evening; Now every one of us have our own house with a couple of fireplaces, a evening Heating as well as A/C system, and a couple of kids; Life has been wonderful to us.

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