The smart thermostat was too hard to use

My mom and Mom updated their Heating and A/C unit in August. When they bought the current heat pump and cooling system, the Heating and A/C company gave them a smart thermostat for free. My mom and Mom were unsure how to use the equipment, but the Heating and A/C worker spent thirty hours talking with my mom and Mom about the features and the operation of the controls.I thought my mom and Mom had everything figured out, but I found out that they thought the smart thermostat was too hard to use. When my brother and I went to visit last weekend, both of us were surprised that the old thermostat was on the wall. My brother asked my mom and Mom what happened to the smart thermostat and my Mom laughed. My Mom told my brother that the smart thermostat was too hard to use so they got rid of it and found an older model online. My mom and Mom weren’t ready for that kind of technology I guess. They have a lot of trouble using their smartphone and the applications on the tablet, so I am not actually surprised that they had trouble using the smart thermostat. My hubby and I took months and months to figure out how to use the smart thermostat in our condo and both of us would consider ourselves to be technically savvy people. Maybe the condo automation technology is not for everyone but it sure makes things a lot easier. Every one of us have the lights, the Heating and A/C unit and all of our alarms and security on our smart condo system.



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