The thermostat fiddling is driving me insane

I’ve known for many years that I’m a difficult person to have a relationship with.

I have a lot of my own personality quirks and strange neuroses that make me a complicated person to date or live with. I know that I can have a short fuse and a lot of things get under my skin that wouldn’t bother somebody else. For instance, because I grew up in a financially poor situation, I know that I’m a bit overly concerned about energy and money expenditure at the house. Really, your money and your energy usage are one and the same. I have known for many years that the easiest way to wrap up a surprisingly high bill at the end of the month is to use your indoor appliances too much. This is why I can be a bit testy when it comes to my boyfriend and the thermostat. I never realized that he was such an indoor air quality control freak until we were living together. Suddenly, it seemed like he was at the thermostat every few minutes to adjust the indoor air temperature up or down a few degrees. This shouldn’t bother anybody, but his continual assault on the central heating and cooling system is driving me up the wall. I know that every time he modifies our indoor air temperature control plan he is actually contributing to higher energy bills and additional HVAC wear and tear. After the heating and cooling system finally breaks we’re going to have some massive professional repair costs to deal with. I’m not looking forward to any of these additional expenses thanks to his heating and cooling obsession. Similarly, I know he’s not looking forward to the browbeating that he’ll receive when the HVAC fails.


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