The tune up saves the system

My wife doesn’t believe that getting a regular AC tune up is entirely worth the cash that I spend on it every year.

I would have to disagree with the woman, however I’m 1 of those people who enjoys preventative repair, however each year whenever the weather outside suddenly starts heating up, I call up our local Heating plus A/C company plus schedule a pro appointment for an AC tune up.

And then of course, every year, our wife gets very mad whenever I get the bill from the Heating plus A/C company in the mail. She constantly just rants plus raves about the fact that the AC tune up costs too much cash plus that she easily would be perfectly capable of working on the AC himself! Now, I enjoy our wife as a person, however I know for a fact that this human would never in a million years take it upon herself to get the central AC tuned up plus in working order before the summer time comes. It’s really not that she’s not a handy kind of woman. She’s perfectly capable of doing the AC tune up himself plus actually doing a wonderful task at it. However, she’s entirely not the greatest at following through on things such as that. If I waited around for him to do our AC tune up, then it would be fall of the next year again by the time she got around to taking a look at the AC. It’s discouraging, plus so each year I call to make the appointment with the usual Heating plus A/C business, much to our wife’s dismay!


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