There are mosquitoes in our air duct!

I keep finding mosquitoes in the house; I do not care for mosquitoes even more than pretty much everyone do, then that is because I am allergic to them.

I split out in large welts whenever a mosquito bites me.

This time of year I tend to cover up whenever I am outside. I also use a lot of bug spray on myself, and all of our screens are in good condition plus I couldn’t tell how the mosquitoes were getting in. There were too several of them for it just to be from the door opening plus closing, but finally, I noticed that the mosquitoes were always near one of the vents to our I Have been noticing that our air conditioner stinks a bit musty lately. I started wondering if it could have resting water in it, maybe the mosquitoes were breeding in our HVAC system! I closed off every vent in the apartment plus after that I called up an air conditioner repairman. A few afternoons later a serviceman came out plus took a look down our air duct, and sure enough, they were full of water. The serviceman cleaned our air duct then fixed our HVAC system. Apparently our air conditioner has been dripping water into the air duct system for a long time now, then no wonder I had so several mosquitoes in the house. That is so nasty! From now on I am going to have the air conditioner repairman come out plus take a look at our system at least once a year. I can’t stand the thought of something care about this happening ever again.
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