There is real value in HVAC preventive maintenance

There are plenty of instances where I absolutely wonder if I am getting the value out of the currency I spend.

Goods and services that I spend currency on need to have value.

I don’t suppose that is asking too much. Sure, I appreciate to have things and I spend our currency on essentials just appreciate everyone else. It’s just that I absolutely appreciate to believe that I am getting good value for the currency that I spend. Even if I had unlimited funds, I still don’t suppose I would be the kind of guy who ignored spending while hanging out on the couch in the HVAC. I’m pretty engaged in our life and how I spend is area of that. Speaking of HVAC comfort, I also seek to find value in that as well. I have friends and neighbors who simply won’t spend on HVAC maintenance. It doesn’t matter what the data says. I believe for a fact that leaving an HVAC component untested will result in a minimum of 6 to 7 years lost. That means thoUSnds and thoUSnds of wasted HVAC replacement dollars of a single’s lifetime. This makes absolutely zero sense to me. I spend currency on our HVAC maintenance in order to protect the investment I have already made. That and to have the thing run well and be efficient. Sure, it costs a bit more each year than not doing it. But the value for the dollar is unquestionable when it comes to HVAC maintenance. That’s why I will be spending that currency and feeling absolutely good about it.


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