There was a lot of cheap commercial office space to rent after the last recession

The 2008 recession really ravaged my area.

Businesses at every level were hit in a single way or another.

What used to be a thriving downtown hub in my small town hastily turned into a ghost town of boarded up windows plus sidewalks with knee high lawn plus weeds. When I was in grade school, it was a beautiful area with dealers of every kind. Both of us had a pharmacy that went back decades plus more than two unusual generations in the same family. There was a hardware store downtown that was also passed down from a single generation to the next. Even if their prices were a tiny bit higher than what you’d find in a single of the immense hardware store chains, I still happily shopped there until the absolutely end. I was incredibly lucky to avoid losing my job or my house when the recession ravaged the country plus the world at large. There was an opening where I could possibly beginning my own company. I had clients from my job that were willing to stick with me if I went out of my own. The immense push came when I looked for commercial space to rent for a small office. I just wanted a locale for myself plus a receptionist, so I didn’t need anything lavish, large, or lavish. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but I soon found that there were commercial plus industrial spaces available for rent at low prices all throughout my city. There were even locales that had turnkey facilities for factories or shipping warehouses. I didn’t need to outfit the building in anyway, I just needed usual heating plus cooling care about you’d expect in any small office. After securing a lease for a unbelievable price, I started my business with haste.

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