Things were a little wild when we went camping, but I got used to it all

I was actually kind of nervous when I first went on a camping trip when I was young.

I went with my family, but it seemed like my parents didn’t really know what they were doing.

The only smart thing my father really did I thought was bringing a portable HVAC system. The portable HVAC system was perfect on the trip because we were able to escape from the heat of the day with the A/C and get plenty of rest at night with the heating system working. We had some hassles in the beginning though. First of all, we struggled to find a good spot to camp. After what seemed like forever, we finally found this open clearing that was near a river. The portable HAC unit fortunately had a solar panel for charging so it would charge through the day and we would mainly use it during the night time hours. Before we could even use the HVAC unit though, we had to set up the tent. My father wasn’t able to get the tent together at all, so I stepped in to help out. I was fortunately able to figure it out, but we had to use some team work to get the tent together all the way. It was great when we finally had everything set up and then we were able to make some dinner over the fire in the fireplace. After that experience, I honestly didn’t mind going camping every so often with my family, and I got better at packing for camping trips. One thing I always made sure we had was the portable HVAC unit because I didn’t want to be in the middle of nowhere with no access to climate control.

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