This guy is really smart and totally cute

My fiance and I broke up almost a year ago. I spent a long time sitting at home in my pajamas, eating ice cream and binge watching Sex in the City. Six months went by really fast, and then my friends started to intervene. They forced me to get out of the house and they helped me set up an online dating profile so I could meet someone new. I protested and I was reluctant at first, but I did meet some good friends through the experience. My online profile hooked a lot of guys in the beginning, but most of them were duds. After a month or two, I only received a couple of hits every once in a while. One of those guys was very interesting, cute, and funny, so I agreed to meet him for coffee. Our date was last Sunday afternoon. The guy is totally cute and very smart. He has a full-time job working at an HVAC repair place. I never dated a guy that worked with his hands in a job like HVAC repair. Most of my dates have college degrees, because I work in an office. This guy has his own car and his own house. He made me laugh a lot and I had a really nice time. He works a lot at the HVAC repair place so we haven’t had a second date yet, but we are trying to plan something for next weekend. I don’t know if the guy is going to be my new boyfriend, but I feel really excited to see him again and that’s a good start.
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