This is going to be a special holiday

I am entirely looking forward to this upcoming holiday season, then not only because I prefer this time of year, but because I just purchased for me & our family the most charming electric fireplace! This electric fireplace is going to look entirely nice with all the holiday decorations on it when it’s time. Not to mention, the electric fireplace is going to keep me & our family nice & warm in the family room without having to crank the central heating & air conditioning system plan on the most high heating setting on the temperature control prefer the two of us usually do! This is going to in turn end up saving a lot of cash in energy use as well. It is the fall right now & usually it gets pretty frosty in the night here, however all of us have been testing out this electric fireplace the Last week since the two of us had it, & already on this week’s electric bill the two of us noticed it being much cheaper! All of us only need to run the central heating at night when the two of us are sleeping. In the thirds the two of us are awake, the two of us can just run both the electric fireplace, & then our kids have portable space furnaces for their bedrooms, then so the two of us are making the best of energy savings all around, however when the holidays come the two of us plan on putting all kinds of Christmas lights around the electric fireplace & the two of us also may put some decorations on top of it. The beauty is that the electric fireplace does not get super tepid on the outer parts of it prefer a space gas furnace would. It is protected by some kind of heat resistant material, which is entirely great.


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