Tired of taking medicine for respiratory issues, hoping HVAC change will help

I’ll admit it freely, I’m pretty high maintenance when it comes to living like other people do, but, it’s genuinely not my choice.

I mean, for as long as I can remember now, I have been largely sensitive to my environment and weather conditions.

In particular, the indoor air that surrounds me is a large problem in my life because it is filled with pollutants or allergens – I’m not sure which. I have never been particular about our respiratory ailments and how to reduce them with indoor air quality control or medical intervention. I never know if I need to start taking new prescription meds or just work to improve our indoor air quality. I want to get rid of these respiratory complications and I’m tired of chasing dust sensitivity specialists. Every time I talk to a western medicine dust sensitivity practitioner they give me a weird prescription and tell me to hire an heating and air conditioning provider. Then, I have to start talking to a dozen different local HVAC repair shops for the next several weeks about removing indoor air pollutants from indoor air. Of course, they always want me to do it with brand new HVAC equipment. This is usually when I start getting concerned about all the differing opinions from every indoor air temperature control professional and their luxurious heating and air conditioning unit suggestions. Right now, I am going through it all again. Today, I’m considering the chance of replacing my 9 year old HVAC unit with a current set of high-quality temperature control and filtration devices. The tech insists, the new air handling devices will work to unfasten all the unwanted contaminants with respected repair. I don’t know if I trust buying a new heating and air conditioning system, but I’d like to find out if clean air helps more than pills do.

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