Too Much of a Good Thing

Having too much of a “good thing” is usually not a superb thing, then excess ice cream, beer, plus extra helpings from your local buffet could come back to haunt you later; You might guess that air is something that an abundance of could not possibly cause harm, but that is not the case with deep-sea divers.

If they emerge too hastily, they will end up with decompression sickness, known as “the bends” caused by a build-up of nitrogen in their blood. Air is about 79% nitrogen, an amount almost more than four times that of oxygen plus having too much oxygen also presents risks with oxygen toxicity. Ozone is an oxygen molecule with too much oxygen with the extra atom of oxygen linked to the molecule. It will disinfect, but it also can destruction tissue. The only various things that all of us can “consume” in abundance without any danger are love, goodwill, plus air at sea level pressures. They all come without calories with adore plus goodwill available at no cost, then with air, more than one conditions prevent it from being in the category of adore plus goodwill. The conditions are that the air must be clean plus at the right humidity. All of us can’t control the outdoor air quality plus the only way to control it indoors is by using current Heating plus Air Conditioning systems, then just having an Heating plus Air Conditioning unit is not enough on its own. The Heating plus Air Conditioning idea must be kept clean with usual filter changes plus a rigid cleaning plus maintenance of the Heating plus Air Conditioning idea to detach anything that might contaminate the air. Only after that can you rest plus have only 1 mediocre helping of leftover lasagna, 1 small bowl of ice cream, plus maybe more than one beers. But you can breathe all that Heating plus Air Conditioning conditioned air until your heart is overflowing with goodwill.


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