Treasure hidden behind electric radiators

Whenever my Grandpa died I knew that we were going to have a lot of work to do.

My grandpa was not a very simple man and he did not believe in any of the government institutions that are supposed to keep us safe.

As such, he did not keep any of his money in banks and he did not ever write out a formal wear or before he passed away. My grandpa was a big fan of living off the grid and keeping his life a secret from every – Especially the government. When we went to clean out his old house, I knew that the antique property was going to be filled with hidden treasures. However, I never knew that the heating, cooling, and air quality control system was such an excellent place to stash your treasured belongings. My grandpa had a central heating, cooling, and air quality control system in his house in the form of a large boiler system that emanated from the basement. He had metal tubes running throughout the floors and walls which delivered boiling water to all of the radiators spaced throughout every room. The radiators effectively dissipated the Heat and provided enough indoor air temperature control for the small house to be rather comfortable. Sometimes, it even got way too warm with this antique heating system. As such, I found myself inspecting the radiators as I looked for a way to adjust the indoor heat. You can imagine my surprise when I was looking closely at one of the heating implements and found a tiny envelope filled with cash hidden behind it. After searching every radiator, I think we cleared my grandpa’s “banks.”

radiant heater