Watching the cross fit couple

I start my day of doing laps in my swimming pool and treading water

The couple across the street from me are a big cross fit couple. I had to research online to figure out what the heck they were doing. Cross fit is a type of workout regime where you do high intensity cardio and conditioning for brief intervals. You can run, pull, lift weights or even do some squats. It is really odd to watch a person frantically do a workout in only a few minutes and then rest. The couple has their own crossfit gym right in their front yard. They have weighted balls, poles, kettlebells and even a chin up bar. They then will run sprints down the road and walk back. I don’t know if cross fit is better than all the other workouts, but it is certainly the most entertaining to watch. I now know what time they like to do their workout. I get myself a nice cup of tea, a blueberry muffin and I sit out on my front porch to watch. The guy definitely dogs it when it comes to doing cardio activities like running or jumping rope. The girl isn’t very good on the chin up bar. So far she can just hang and sort of do one. They must think I am a lazy turd watching them everyday. I start my day of doing laps in my swimming pool and treading water. By the time I am showered and get breakfast, I have the time to watch them and see what they do. I might try some of their workouts, but hide what I am doing in my backyard.
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