We do judge books by their cover.

Have you ever given any thought to those books you find in the library.

If you’re like me, you like to run your fingers over the cover and enjoy the feel of the glossy material that holds those mesmerizing words inside.

I often wondered how a book was held together. In the old days, those covers were made from leather or cloth wrapped around paper. Now, those same book covers are made with laminators. Lamination is a form of putting plastic or vinyl over different objects, to preserve them. Your driver’s license is a common form of a laminated piece of paper. There are different types of laminators on the market. I have several sheets of laminating papers at home. I slip a card or sheet of paper in between and press them together. Some are made for home use, so you can just slip the paper that you want to save, into the machine. You put the film in the other end, and the paper comes out with a smooth cover. You have to do some trimming, but it is minor. There are laminators that are made for larger objects, such as yard signs, stickers for cars, windows, and even for the floor. The laminated flooring you may have on your kitchen or dining room floors, is done on special laminating machines. I would love to be able to go into a printing company one day and watch how they lovingly put the lamination on the books I love so well. Maybe I could even have my own book laminated one day, just to see it sitting on my shelf for years to come.

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