We have an HVAC system while living off the grid

It took a bunch of planning and plenty of years to pull it all together. However, I have been living in the wilderness now for a short while. And it’s a smarter decision I have never made in my life before. I know that all of my life I have never been all that turned on about living around a huge amount of people. My whole idea of fun was taking off by myself and getting out into raw nature. Actually, that is precisely how I spent a majority of my trips. I was not into an HVAC controlled resort situation. But, I would always have to come back to work and society although I did so grudgingly on a regular basis. The upside of life in town was that I made a bunch of cash at my job. I am a design engineer. In time, I was able to leave the horrible office environment and do my job on my own property. I still had a pressing income and much less stress being out of the office environment. Once I met a similar minded partner, both of us started planning how to easily live off the grid. And now both of us are actually doing it. But, it’s still rather comfortable. As a matter of fact, both of us even have HVAC equipment in our place. That’s right, both of us live off the grid but both of us still enjoy the cooling comfort delivered by current HVAC equipment. We actually have a solar power grid of our own that powers the ductless HVAC equipment in our small property. And it’s a beautiful thing, our piece of wilderness paradise comes with a tremendous amount of heat throughout the year. And having that ductless air conditioner makes it a lot more bearable. I’m absolutely lucky to be living precisely the life I have always dreamed of living. But extra fortunate that I got to bring along the HVAC equipment comfort as well.

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