We needed refills for our printing machine.

We have all bought those little stickers for our kids where we have to peel them off the papers.

These peel-and-stick stickers are made on special printing machines. All you need to do is put in your information and the design you want to print and the printer will do all the work for you. The printing is done by the machine and it does the cutting so you have all the work done. The only thing you need to do is upload the design and make sure you have enough ink. This is what I do all day. I like my little Bepop printer, and I always have a good supply of extra consumables. The consumables are the different colored ribbons, tapes and the cutters. I make sure to always have a couple of refills of all of these on hand. The cutters are the most important. When the cutter to your printer isn’t sharp you don’t even have cuts on your designs. This is when the sticker is unable to be separated from it’s backing without pulling another sticker with it. Sometimes, there is no cut line. This is another problem with having a dull blade. The other thing that needs to be done, is to make sure your program, or design, is not complete and it doesn’t give the right information. If at any time you have problems with your Bepop printer, or the consumables, you can always contact the company you bought it from. They guarantee their machines for a full year, and they offer hand-on training and support.