Web designing is one of the first and most crucial steps.

I think that everybody and their baby brother has their own websites nowadays.

All you need to do is search someone on your phone browser and it will take you to their website.

Even if it is just a few posed pictures and whether they are still single or dating, it is still a website. It makes me wonder where all the cash comes from for these wasted self promotional websites. When I was looking at expanding my small Heating and A/C business, one of the first things I was told was that I needed a website and a killer web designer. The do-it-yourself websites are unbelievable for someone who is promoting themself for a nice date, but not for a contractor.. A supplier website needs to have all the professional elements that will attract a potential customer. 1, however you need an attention grabbing homepage that lets people think who you are. 2, but an about page is meant to tell all about what you do and who works there. You also need to tell what your contractor can do. 3. A dedicated page about all of the services you offer. 4. This is your FAQ page which is where you show the most frequent questions you get asked, along with detailed answers. 5. This page should show REAL honest reviews, mostly good, but honorable reviews you have gained about your business. 6. This will be your contact us page. How do people get in touch with you?. What are your hours?. These are the several needed pages to start with, but an unbelievable web design contractor will be able to add even more pages that will be required to get your contractor information out there.


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