We’re in the process of installing an a/c in our tool shed

Since the two of us have both cars parked in our garage at any given moment, I realized I need a shed in the backyard as a arena to work plus keep our tools.

Now that our work schedule has relaxed a bit, I finally have time on the weekends to pursue our woodworking activity.

Not only that, but our fiance is blissful to have a fiance who can hang new shelves at any given moment. I also build her custom furniture whenever she has something in mind that she wants in the house or outside. Recently I added a new closet to our study room plus built custom shelving from the ceiling down to the floor for her shoes plus clothing. I’m glad to build her anything she wants, I just want excuses to put on our tool belt plus get our power tools out to use them for a few minutes every weekend. When I told her that I needed a shed for woodworking due to lack of reasonable space in the basement, she was more than glad to agree with the purchase. I even decided to order a custom made shed from an Amish corporation an minute away from our house. I adore the new shed, especially the craftsmanship that went into making it. But I realized that I need an a/c in here during the Summer season, otherwise it’s too warm to work. I’m spending the weekend installing a thru-wall a/c. I had to make a hole in the side of the shed, but the equipment fit snugly before I sealed it with silicone caulk. I’m blissful with our air conditioned tool shed.

a/c representative