We’ve been stuck inside

I’ve been constantly trying to limit my shopping to a few stores in addition to only going whenever possible.

I don’t want to be outside risking the dangerous virus.

However, being at home so often has been depressing. At least I know that my family is safe. While this year has put the world in a state of dysphoria, there are still things everyone can do to feel safer. One of the very first things I knew I had to do was take steps to keep my family safe during the pandemic. I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation and asked them about improving the air quality in our current home in addition to keeping us safe from harmful germs. The professionals recommended that we install HEPA air filters in addition to a wonderful UV media air cleaner. They told me that the UV light for the air purification plan worked effortlessly to eliminate dangerous pathogens including the virus. I thought this was absolutely essential for our home, so I opted for the UV air purification plan instead. I also ordered a pack of HEPA air filters to assist catching all sorts of contaminants that transfer through the HVAC ducts. When I had these Heating plus Air Conditioning components attached, I was grateful that my family was safe from the dangerous virus in our own house. We’ve stayed home for a really long time and we only go out when necessary.

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