What is happening to my heat pump – it is iced up in summer

Your heating system should work in a specific way, and when it fails to do so, it is obvious that something is wrong.

This is what happened to me in summer when my heat pump iced up.

I panicked since this was unheard of, and it is evident that something was wrong. Such an instance would be expected in winter when it snows, but it was strange to have it happening in summer when every place was hot. Panicking, I called my HVAC technician to come and check it out. The air conditioning specialist arrived one hour later and diagnosed the issue in minutes. It turns out that the thermostat’s setting was set too low. Usually, experts would recommend never setting the unit below 70 degrees. Doing so has the potential of causing indoor coils to frost and freeze up. Eventually, your ductwork will sweat and eventually cause mold and mildew. While natural cold weather can cause ice to form around the heat pump, it is definitely to be alarmed if it happens in summer. Please switch off the unit immediately and as your technician to check it out. Several causes can lead to this instance. First, you may be dealing with an issue of a faulty expansion valve. It could also be a case of the blocked orifice, blocked capillary tube, restriction, and a damaged indoor coil. You can fix it by cleaning the blocked air filters, avoiding setting the thermostat too low, and ensuring unrestricted airflow. If possible, run the AC with your windows open to avoid any excess water.

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