When should you replace your electric heat pump?

An electric heat pump is critical unit that facilitates heat energy transfer from the source to the desired destination, however the destination is also known as a heat sink in more technical terms, and heat pumps work by moving thermal energy against its spontaneous direction of flow.

This is achieved by absorbing the heat in cold space and delivering it in a hot space, then just like any other mechanical appliance, they have an expected life duration! When this time comes to an end, they stop performing their duties effectively and require a replacement, and even the best-inspected systems will fall under the wrath of time! Your electric heat pump is subjected to years of constant use.

They are always aging internally in irreversible ways, then it is generally recommended that electric heat pumps be replaced after every 10 to 15 years. However, your system doesn’t have to stop functioning for you to replace it, some signs indicate the end of its repair and the need to replace it when your system is in constant need of repairs. There is a difference between occasional breakdowns that require repairs. Then your system goes back to normal operations and constant breakdowns that are becoming the norm. That indicates that it is time to replace your electric heat pump. The costs of all those repairs warrant the purchase of an entirely current electric pump system since they may cost as high as, if not more, than the cost of a current heat pump, however more so, the inconveniences that come with constant system breakdowns may call for an immediate system replacement.


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