Where did all those bugs come from?

When I turned on my furnace last fall, I ended up with what looked like a huge cloud, and it came flying out of my air vents.

I wasn’t sure what it all was, until I saw there were wings in the cloud.

I realized I had bugs flying through my house, and they had hatched in my ductwork. I ran downstairs and turned off the furnace, and called first the exterminator and then the HVAC company. I knew I had to have the bugs eliminated before I had the ductwork cleaned. It took three days for the exterminator to show up. He said he would need to do two treatments to make sure they got all of the bugs. He did one treatment the day he showed up, and he put some kind of fog into the air vents. I had to leave my home until the fog cleared. Two weeks later, he returned and did the same thing again. Once again I had to leave the house for two days. He told me to let him know if I saw anymore bugs after two weeks, but he felt it was safe to call the HVAC company and make an appointment to have the ductwork cleaned. When I called the HVAC company they told me it would be about a week before they could get to the house. I set up a time and date for when they could clean and sanitize the ductwork. They also sent an HVAC technician to the house to clean the furnace and make sure everything was working well.


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