2020 is Hard All the Way Around

I don’t believe that this could be a harder year if it tried.

So far 2020 has not been enjoyable to any of us.

As much as I’ve tried to stay afloat as well as get myself headed in the right direction, the planet has been absolutely working against all of us. As you can imagine my finances have been the biggest hurdle . I lost my job numerous weeks ago as well as I have been doing my best to pay my bills. However, it’s rather hard when the indoor air temperature is overheated as well as humid enough to be suffocating every afternoon. Because every one of us has entered the hottest season of the year I have had no option but to use my air conditioning unit all the time. I’m not cheerful about the utility bills that I’m going to have to pay because of my cooling program usage but I can’t stand the heat. It’s not prefer to go to work to utilize an Heating as well as Air Conditioning program for no cost at all. Instead, I have to use my own control unit as well as remain hopeful that my air conditioning unit will live through the summer. I’m not overly enthusiastic about this because my AC program was failing last June. At the time I decided it was best to put off the air conditioning maintenance for as long as possible. I never expected that I would be in a more miserable financial situation when the AC unit was finally due for upgradement. I find myself just praying as well as praying that every one of us can make it constantly. If this air conditioning unit goes out I might go too.



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