A/C makes ice in summer

“Mommy, it’s winter outside!” That is what my 4 year old yelled while playing in the yard while I read a book in the shade.

  • I looked up but didn’t think much of what she had said.

After all, it was 90 degrees and hot. “It is summer, baby,” I responded. “There is snow and ice,” she insisted while playing next to our air conditioner condenser. I looked in her direction a little more intently and noticed white stuff on the ground. This is unusual. I got up and walked over to the compressor. That is when I noticed ice on the ground. There was actually a lot of ice all over the pipes leading from the compressor to the utility closet. There was even ice on the ground near the pipes and some ice on the compressor itself. I knew this wasn’t normal. I took out my cell phone and called our air conditioner supplier and explained what I was seeing. They told me to turn off the air conditioner and that they would be out soon to fix it. Thankfully the air conditioner technicians showed up before it got too hot in the house. They ended up doing a ductwork cleaning because our ductwork was clogged up and dirty. This was making our air conditioner work harder. It was also making the cold air stay in the air conditioner as opposed to it spreading throughout the house. Good thing my daughter noticed the ice. Otherwise the air conditioner could have been damaged and this would have cost us a lot more. Sometimes kids really do know what they are talking about.


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