A healthier home with HVAC and whole house air purifier

The last few months have been filled with so much uncertainty due to the pandemic.

I can’t even begin to conjure up anything that even comes close to how chaotic and stressful this year has been.

Not so lucky for me, I happen to be in the vulnerable group when it comes to the effects of the virus. That means I have been keeping very close to the relative safety of my HVAC controlled house. I don’t get to enjoy my friends as I once did. Although we occasionally gather outdoors in a park or something. The isolation has been getting to be more of a new normal but it still is no fun. However, I also decided to use this time to focus on my immune health. Being a bit older, it hasn’t been the easiest thing to try and get in great shape all at once. That’s why I have taken my time in the HVAC to just learn how to better exercise and understand my diet. I have also taken strides to make the air quality in my home as healthy as I possibly can. Until now, I didn’t realize just how big an impact poor indoor air quality has on my health. The HVAC people came out and installed a whole house air purifier. It works inside the HVAC to actively kill airborne contaminants that drag down my immune response. The UV light that the air purifier emits is strong enough to destroy the DNA of these hazardous airborne particles. I’m doing all this to help me in this current pandemic crisis. However, I hope that by this time next year, I will be even healthier with an even stronger immune response.



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