A long needed vacation

Have you ever worked so hard that you forget to rest and take some time off? Well, that was me totally.

  • I work as an independent certified heating and air conditioning specialist.

And being an independent heating and air conditioning specialist I am my own boss. In being my own boss I sometimes forget to take a break. And this went on for 2 full years! I usually take a vacation once a year, but I skipped last year. I just got so tied down with heating and air conditioning jobs that I wanted to keep making the extra money. It was almost like an addiction. However, this year it is time for a long needed break! I am taking 3 weeks off and I am going on vacation with my family. This is something that I have been planning all year and the time is almost arriving to do so. While I am away I will be having my assistant handling all of my heating and air conditioning repair, heating and air conditioning installation and heating and air conditioning tune ups. This way my customers still have the heat and a/c service if they need it. I never want to let my client base down. Because without them there is no money and there is no job. I will be paying my assistant extra money during this time since he is not usually the lead heating and air conditioning specialist. But he can handle it. He used to be a full time certified HVAC worker for the local heating and cooling company.


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