A portable AC unit is all I need

Society convinces us that we need a lot of things that we absolutely do not need.

We get caught in a cycle of consumerism where we are encouraged to indulge our whims and spend money we do not have.

I don’t mean to lecture you, I am just trying to say that cutting back, and getting rid of expenses you don’t need, is easier than you think. How much do you pay a month for cable tv, and is it worth it? Is the phone upgrade really worth a thousand dollars? Do you have to pay ten thousand bucks for the best HVAC system on the market, or is that too much? I have done the math, and believe that using a small, portable air conditioning unit instead of a large central system has saved me somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen thousand dollars, and counting. The thing about a central HVAC system is that you spend all that money to buy it, and then you pay the utility bills every month to run it. You also have to get HEPA rated air filters, which are not cheap, and pay for HVAC techs to come by once or twice a year to inspect the system. In other words, a central HVAC system is a constant ongoing expense, one that I don’t have to worry about. I got my portable air conditioner for just over two hundred dollars, I don’t need to buy new filters, and when it stops working I can just throw it out and buy a new one with all the money I am saving.

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