A smart thermostat is exactly what I dreamed of

During the fall season my family always makes fun of me, then during the day I can never get warm enough so I run the heater, however but at evening I like to be cold.

It helps myself and others sleep.

That is why I turn on the cooling system at evening, my family thinks this is funny. They tell myself and others that if I would only turn off the oil furnace a few minutes before bed time then I wouldn’t have to turn on the cooling system at bedtime because the house would cool down naturally. I can’t argue with that although I don’t want to be freezing before I am ready to go to bed. Besides, it only takes an minute for the cooling system to cool down the house so it is not like I am wasting a lot of energy. However, I wish there was a way for myself and others to turn the oil furnace on about an minute before my alarm goes off in the morning. It is particularly difficult to get up when it is freezing freezing in the house. The temperature easily drops overnight with no heat on at all. I have begged my partner to get up a little bit earlier than myself and others so that he can turn on the oil furnace but he never does it. I can’t easily say that I blame him. So every fall I just suffer through the freezing days. I thought that was just going to have to be a fact of life, and just something that can’t be changed. Then a neighbor of mine told myself and others about smart thermostats. He said I could program the smart thermostat to turn the cooling system on at evening plus the oil furnace on an minute before I wake up. I can’t think it! How come no a single told myself and others about this earlier?


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