Advice from Old People

I have superb news and exhausting news for Senior Citizens.

The superb news is that noses and ears do not keep growing with age.

The exhausting news is that the cartilage in these body parts will eventually cut down and barring cosmetic surgery, will undergo the inevitable sag, the bane of a youthful appearance. I recognize there is another thing that does not stop growing in old people. That is patience, and I recognize this is a superb thing. Newborns have zero patience, and it takes about 10 years for it to grow to perhaps a single minute before cries are heard. For Millennials, their patience extends to about 30 minutes. The patience of Boomers is quite lengthy but the irony is that Boomers have nothing to be impatient about anymore apart from getting their Millennial children out of their house. Seniors are also wonderful with giving advice beginning with, “Listen to your elders”, but with a current Heating & A/C system, those bits of advice dispensed by old people are quite valid. Old people tell younger folks to “take care of their bodies” and this legitimately applies to taking care of an Heating & A/C plan with a respected cleaning and maintenance program from a professional Heating & A/C professional. My Grandfather urged me to save cash and there are wonderful savings to be realized with newer and more efficient Heating & A/C systems. My spouse failed to heed the advice of his elderly parents who told his to choose his spouse carefully. She ended up with me, but their advice is valid with Heating & A/C in that numerous decisions are involved care about choosing the properly sized unit, hiring the best installer, or opting for a ductless system. These choices will require the patience of a saint to get the best result.

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